KRC Genk is a Belgian football club that is known for its pioneering, progressive and future-oriented way of work. It fits within this characteristic to start a team within the world of esports. Their ambition is to become the most successful football club active in esports worldwide, creating a strong brand beyond that of a football club.


Jacob Hemming


Milan Libbrecht


Nils Groot


Gytis Glušauskas


Kyle Louis Gatt



Rune Steusel



Maxim Nonglaire



Kik Voortman

To all followers of the betFIRST Elite Series: Counter-Strike

It is with a heavy heart we are announcing the end of the betFIRST Elite Series: Counter-Strike. These past few years we have worked hard on building a viable CS:GO competition for Benelux organisations, but current conditions seem to force into a regrettable decision:

Local interest to play CS:GO seems to have been waning these past few years, resulting in fewer high-level local players while viewership is also down. CS:GO still has a massive historical following, but we have to be honest and say it is no longer a growing game or a growing market in the Benelux.

We could have made the decision to scale back the scope of the competition massively, but instead of creating an inferior product, which would not align with our vision, we have decided to completely pull the plug.

We sincerely regret having to make that decision and hope every party involved can understand why we need to make it.

We want to thank every organisation, partner, player and fan for supporting us these past few years and we hope to see you again in the future.

The betFIRST Elite Series: Counter-Strike team

betFIRST Elite Series:

The betFIRST Elite Series: Counter-Strike is back! Time for season 2!

After a thrilling first season, the Elite Series: Counter-Strike is back with a vengeance! Last season eClub Brugge dominated both splits, coming out on top in the Spring and Summer Split, making them the big favourites for the Championship Finals. It was however LowLandLions that capped of our first season with a win in the Championship Finals.

Join the Force and Sector One had a more difficult season, but managed to save their skins by surviving the relegation games. Can they stay clear of the Promotion/Relegation games this year?

The first games of the new season will be played on 10 February, with the Spring Split lasting until 14 April. Matches will be played every Thursday. The Summer Split will be played between 14 July and 15 September.

During that time the teams will be fighting for a total prize pool of €15,000! Last year eClub Brugge took home the biggest chunk, but we have a feeling some teams will be trying to change that.

We wish all teams and players all the luck and may the best team win.